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With regard to the recruiting of leaders, hiring increases as salary ratings increase. A new middle management profile is considerably simpler to hire than leaders. For each company, the problem is strongly felt — not just because of the shortage of top managers, but also because of the competition from competitors to employ top leaders. When it comes to Premium Circle Hires, generic recruitment approach becomes short. Continuous profile hunting is a laborious process, which companies alone cannot perform.

With 15 years, RECRUITMENT MANTRA has been a significant force in the field of leadership hiring. We are experts in selecting for international and national organizations only the finest members of the board of directors, managing directors, presidents and other top managers in various roles and sectors.

Our search or leadership methodology includes:

  • Space map
  • Initial interview round
  • Client presentation
  • Selected candidates interviews
  • Candidate presentation to the customer
  • Post-recruitment processing, hiring and verification.

How do we choose your leaders?

We discover outstanding leaders in keeping with your markets and your organization's culture. Recruiting and training talented people in a changing workplace need insight, creativity and expertise.

Systematic Process

We are following a comprehensive screening procedure in which we examine, interview and evaluate applicants completely and introduce them to you. After choosing, the applicants are once again presented to you in person through different interviews and personality evaluations. After the recruitment is over, we are with you and the candidate so that both sides may get to know one other and make the transition easier.

In-depth knowledge of specific areas

Our consultants work from our headquarters in Kolkata with profound search experience, extensive industry understanding, devotion to service and a dedication that provides outstanding executive recruiting outcomes regularly.

Our Approach

Our approach helps to respond with a thorough and immediate knowledge of your requirements.

  • Our 'off-limit' limitations are far less than major worldwide search companies, allowing you to pick from a much larger pool of talent.
  • Our leadership engagement approach aims to discover the most appropriate individuals with extraordinary abilities and credentials as soon as feasible.
  • Our highly experienced management team of recruiting consultants aims to ensure that your maximum value is guaranteed. But we constantly stick to our high level of ethics in quest of excellence.
  • We think that corporate leadership and management are essential elements of business strategy and as strategic advisors we aim to work with you in every phase of the search.
  • The profound analysis of each and every candidate's professional achievement, approach to management and leadership and personal and professional ambitions during each search is a timely procedure, resulting in presenting you with a pure and crude skill.