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At RECRUITMENT MANTRA, we focus on the need for skill transfer throughout the IT sector while simultaneously updating our IT/ITES expert teams to ensure that our clients work with the highest technology talent. We stay ready to meet the gaps with tailored organizational solutions with a high-quality personnel pool.

Business nowadays requires ability to adapt. RECRUITMENT MANTRA has got a unique perspective on the confluence of talent and business by time to listen and understand the demands of our customers and people's career ambitions. One of the top IT staffing firm, we can ensure that the most strategic and variable part of corporate performance is achieved and optimized i.e. appropriate people, with suitable talents, skills and attitudes.


Our partnership strategy focuses on your particular needs - supporting short, seasonal or temporary IT personnel agencies, offering project support talent with the possibility of hiring contractors as permanent employees, and discovering the continuously best people your business requires today. Our IT staffing services encompass on-site, off-site and off-shore contract staffing (IT personnel outsourcing).

As one of the industry's most prestigious IT staffing firms, we offer a comprehensive range of temporary staffing services including IT staff increase firms, temporary staffing firms, IT temporary staffing firms, technology staffing businesses or engineering staffing services, and IT contracts.

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Key characteristics that make us a class apart

  • Our broad network of services
  • We are working towards finding the appropriate fit
  • Not only do we match expectations, but we always surpass them.
  • Online customized testing according to customer requirements
  • 24-hour rotational time
  • A reliable and dedicated team
  • Critical and essential skills and jobs search focused.

Contract flexible staffing

The recruitment of people with a wide variety of skills is frequently a challenging feat. Flexible employees and contract staff handle this significant challenge of locating a enough workforce with various skills.

Hiring on request

Growing turnover rates and quality disparities in companies are a reality. Organizations often need different talents with a turnaround time of close to zero days to complete a task.
To overcome this challenge, RECRUITMENT MANTRA maintains a skill base that satisfies the needs of some abilities that are often highly demanded. This pool is generally experienced and skilled, premium and a plug-and-play performance may be expected from the recruiting firm. We have a pool bench for the following competencies.

  • Web Applications
  • PHP Language
  • Python Programming
  • UI / UX Design
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • E-Commerce Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists

Managed Staffing

Organizations often feel that they have to move beyond regular workforce without outsourcing them altogether. In these instances, controlled staffing is rescued and tends to decrease the capacity of human resources in terms of controlling employee growth. Although this is a flexible approach, it is vital to manage and allow the employees to grow. At RECRUITMENT MANTRA, we are responsible for employee management by a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

Expertise for global recruitment and placement

The technical staffing services of RECRUITMENT MANTRA continuously provide technical resources for software developers, QA specialists and project managers in accordance with company goals. We believe that technical recruitment doesn’t stop at providing you with the best candidates. Our services handle all elements of employment, including ensuring that the employer and employee's expectations are fulfilled.