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Designation : Senior Academic Coordinator

Job Description : Position Overview: We are seeking an experienced and highly organized Senior Academic Coordinator to oversee and enhance academic programs at our institution. As a Senior Academic Coordinator, you will play a pivotal role in managing and coordinating various academic activities, ensuring the smooth functioning of educational programs, and fostering a positive learning environment. Your expertise in academic administration, curriculum development, and student support will contribute to the overall success and growth of our institution. Responsibilities: Academic Program Management: Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of academic programs. Collaborate with department heads, faculty, and staff to develop and maintain high-quality curriculum standards. Ensure adherence to educational policies and regulations set by relevant authorities. Monitor program effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement. Curriculum Development: Lead curriculum development initiatives, ensuring alignment with educational objectives and industry requirements. Review existing curriculum, identify gaps, and propose updates or revisions as needed. Stay updated with emerging trends and best practices in education to enhance program offerings. Student Support and Guidance: Provide guidance and support to students on academic matters, course selection, and career pathways. Develop and implement student support services to promote academic success and student retention. Address student concerns or grievances and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to resolve issues. Academic Administration: Oversee the scheduling of classes, examinations, and other academic activities. Maintain accurate academic records and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Manage academic resources, including textbooks, materials, and equipment. Faculty Development: Support the professional development of faculty members through mentoring, training, and workshops. Foster a collaborative and innovative environment to enhance teaching methodologies. Conduct evaluations of faculty performance and provide constructive feedback. Collaboration and Communication: Collaborate with internal departments, including admissions, marketing, and finance, to ensure efficient academic operations. Liaise with external stakeholders, such as regulatory bodies, industry professionals, and educational partners. Communicate academic policies, program updates, and relevant information to students, faculty, and staff. Qualifications: A master's degree or higher in education, instructional design, or a related field. Proven experience in academic administration, curriculum development, or related roles. Strong knowledge of educational policies, regulations, and accreditation standards. Excellent organizational and multitasking skills, with attention to detail. Effective leadership and team management abilities. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Proficient in using educational software and technology. Familiarity with student information systems and learning management systems. As a Senior Academic Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to shape the academic landscape of our institution, ensure academic excellence, and contribute to the success of our students and faculty. If you are a motivated, dedicated, and forward-thinking professional with a passion for education, we invite you to apply for this position and be part of our dynamic team.

Job Location : Kolkata

Role :

Senior Academic Coordinator

CTC : ₹240,000 P.A. - ₹300,000 P.A.