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Designation : Company Secretary

Job Description : Key Responsibilities: Corporate Governance: Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements related to corporate governance. Facilitate board meetings, AGMs, and other corporate meetings, ensuring adherence to legal formalities. Legal Compliance: Stay updated on changes in relevant laws and regulations impacting the healthcare manufacturing sector. Provide legal counsel to the company and ensure adherence to all applicable laws. Board Communication: Act as a liaison between the board of directors and various stakeholders. Draft and circulate board resolutions, minutes, and other relevant documentation. Annual Reports and Disclosures: Oversee the preparation and timely filing of annual reports and disclosures with regulatory authorities. Ensure accuracy and completeness of information in compliance documents. Shareholder Relations: Manage relationships with shareholders, addressing queries and concerns. Facilitate the issuance of shares, dividends, and other related activities. Company Secretarial Records: Maintain and update statutory registers and records as required by law. Ensure proper documentation and record-keeping for all company secretarial activities. Qualifications: Associate Company Secretary (ACS) qualification. Minimum of 3 years of experience as a Company Secretary, preferably in the healthcare sector. Prior experience with public limited listed companies is essential. In-depth knowledge of corporate governance, legal compliance, and company law.

Job Location : Mumbai

Role :

Company Secretary 

CTC : ₹800,000 P.A. - ₹850,000 P.A.