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Designation : Counter Sales Executive

Job Description : Greets and meets customers on arrival at the shop Listens attentively to a customer’s needs and gives explicit explanation to satisfy such a customer Presents the customer with the needed jewelry and provides information, such as pricing; and gives a discount if need be Helps customers to wrap and bag their purchases Provides pricing information to the cashier alongside the weight of the items purchased Helps to facilitate payments after every purchase Takes charge of all the inventories in the shop or kiosk by entering them into the computer system Helps in the daily display of all items that are available for sale in the shop Entertains customers and answers questions respectfully Ensures regular increase in sales of jewelry products Achieves goals set by the employer Introduces sales promotion to customers so as to entice them to make purchases Ensures that products are well arranged in orderly manner Properly operates a cash register and maintains all financial transaction effectively and efficiently too Strictly adheres to company policies Helps customers to make the right decisions so they can make the right jewelry purchases Explains warrantees and guarantees on each piece purchased by a customer Ensures all documents relating to the purchase of any jewelry are also bagged with the goods purchased Sends appreciation messages to customers and keeps them informed concerning latest arrivals Ensures that all pieces of jewelry are returned to their secured places after the day’s business Ensures the proper display of company signage in order for customers to easily locate the jewelry shop or kiosk.

Job Location : Kolkata, West Bengal

Role :

Counter Sales 

CTC : ₹180,000 P.A. - ₹240,000 P.A.