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Designation : Center Manager

Job Description : Supervises the activities of subordinates.   Serves as a key liaison with center external publics, particularly in relations to their advisory and financial support of center, including working in fundraising relating to memberships in center and sponsorships of center activities and related to the university and college development/capital campaign.   Oversees daily center operations and coordinates center activities through assigned staff; prioritizes and delegates work activities.   Writes communication and promotional literature for distribution such as newsletter, brochures or flyers and coordinates printing and distribution.   Prepares and monitors budget for the Center and research, executive or student education projects.   Prepares budget proposals and recommendations and establishes budget control system for controlling expenditures; controls expenditures in accordance with budget allocations; recommends equipment and resources for the center.   Prepares periodic reports, financial statements and records on center projects, progress, status or other special reports for management or outside agencies.   Designs, develops and recommends new programs, projects and activities relating to research, executive or student education.   Develops and schedules research, executive or student education in accordance with university's goals, objectives and funding limitations.   Directs, monitors and participates in research activities including data collection, evaluation and analysis for a research project.   Prepares or assists in the preparation of proposals for funding of new or continuous projects.   Evaluates center activities for effectiveness to develop improved methods; devises evaluation methodology and implements; analyzes results and recommends and/or takes appropriate action.   Reviews applications or other center documents to determine acceptance or make decisions pertaining to the center.   Maintains direct contact with personnel of various outside organizations and university departments associated with center projects.   Confers with and advises staff, students and others to provide technical advice, problem solving assistance, answers to questions and center goals and policy interpretations; refers to appropriate department or person when unable to respond.   Books and schedules facility and services for center projects/events; negotiates and prepares rental contract determining fees and terms of contract; estimates costs and determines project/event budgets.   Serves as center representative during projects by responding to and resolving emergency situations and ensures all aspects of projects/events are implemented and controlled according to plans.   Provides assistance and information to faculty, staff and outside organizations regarding center research and projects; maintains contact via telephone or written correspondence.

Job Location : Kolkata

Role :

Center Manager

CTC : ₹240,000 P.A. - ₹360,000 P.A.