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Designation : Plant Head

Job Description : Responsibilities: 1. Production Planning & Execution: Develop and implement production plans to meet customer demand and quality standards, ensuring on-time delivery to customers. 2. Resource Management: Manage and optimize the use of resources, including labour, materials, and machinery, to maximize production efficiency and minimize costs. 3. Quality Control: Oversee quality control processes to maintain high product quality, including inspection, testing, and adherence to relevant industry and safety standards. 4. Process Improvement: Continuously improve production processes and methodologies to enhance efficiency and reduce waste. 5. Supplier Management: Collaborate with suppliers to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of raw materials and components. 6. Inventory Management: Manage inventory levels and control stock to prevent shortages or excess inventory. 7. Health and Safety: Ensure a safe working environment for all employees by enforcing safety protocols and guidelines. 8. Team Leadership: Lead, motivate, and manage a team of production staff, including supervisors and workers, to achieve production goals. 9. Budget Management: Monitor and control production-related budgets to maintain cost- effectiveness. 10. Documentation: Maintain production records, reports, and documentation for auditing and tracking purposes. 11. Customer Relationship: Maintain a positive and professional relationship with Indian Railways/ Private & International customers and address any customer concerns or inquiries promptly. 12. Development: Productivity, efficiency & new product development. 13. Maintenance: Upkeep of Plant and its resources. Qualifications: 1. Educational Background: A bachelor's degree in engineering, preferably in a field related to railway engineering, mechanical engineering, or metallurgical engineering/ Foundry. 2. Metallurgical Expertise: In-depth knowledge of metallurgy, including an understanding of metallurgical processes like casting, moulding, heat treatment, and material properties. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring the quality and durability of railway components. 3. Technical Knowledge: Strong technical knowledge of railway engineering, particularly in CMS crossing, coupler, draft gear, and bogie parts, as well as adherence to industry standards and regulations. 4. Safety Awareness: A commitment to ensuring a safe working environment and knowledge of safety regulations and protocols, particularly in the context of metallurgical operations. 5. Budget Management: Proficiency in budget management to control production-related expenses. 6. Quality Control: A focus on maintaining and improving product quality through quality control processes, with a particular emphasis on metallurgical quality. Soft Skills: 1. Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and management skills to effectively lead and motivate a production team, especially with a focus on metallurgical processes. 2. Problem-Solving Abilities: Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to identify and address production challenges related to metallurgical processes. 3. Communication Skills: Effective communication skills to interact with various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and internal teams. 4. Conflict Resolution: Strong conflict resolution skills to effectively manage and resolve disputes within the production team or with external stakeholders. 5. Time Management: Excellent time management skills to ensure efficient production schedules and meet delivery deadlines. 6. Emotional Intelligence: High emotional intelligence to build positive relationships with team members and clients, understand their needs, and navigate interpersonal dynamics effectively. 7. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, production demands, and emerging technologies in the railway engineering sector. 8. Negotiation Skills: Proficient negotiation skills to facilitate mutually beneficial agreements with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Experience: Total 18-20 years of experience in a production or manufacturing role, with a focus on metallurgical processes and successfully managing a production team to meet targets in the railway engineering sector. Job location: Eastern India (actual location undisclosed) Remuneration: As per Industry standards (salary no bar for suitable candidate)

Job Location : Guwahati

Role :

Plant Head

CTC : ₹1,100,000 P.A. - ₹1,200,000 P.A.