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Designation : Admin Manager

Job Description : One of the core tasks that are executed by a real estate office manager is to oversee and supervise all staff and their activities since each employee working on the estate must report directly to the office manager. He/she is also responsible for carrying out performance reviews by meeting with employees to discuss their performance and any room for improvement, usually on a quarterly basis. Also, since the development of estates, especially large ones will generally require the supply of products and/or materials from external vendors, a real estate office manager may be required to meet and liaise with vendors to negotiate contracts for food, furnishings, and technical materials to ensure good value. Office managers in a real estate firm are also saddled with the responsibility of overseeing budget and system management by monitoring the many systems that keep a large estate running, which may include the annual budget, the schedules for all employees, the use of estate facilities, and the efficient and accurate management of payroll. If you are interested in becoming a real estate office manager, you will need to have certain skills and qualities, including excellent management skills, good leadership skills, technical skills and adequate knowledge of the real estate industry. Others are ability to carry out research, detail-oriented mind, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong interpersonal and teamwork skills; and ability to work in a fast paced environment.

Job Location : Siliguri

Role :

Admin , Administration

CTC : ₹300,000 P.A. - ₹400,000 P.A.