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HIRING FOR Atharv Apparels Pvt Ltd

Designation : Textiles Production Manager

Job Description : The production manager receives the order plan and order sheet from the senior authorities. He will prepare textile and apparel production plans weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. He will receive material status against each order and will monitor the progress of material received. He will receive an approved sample, swatch card against the order sheet. He ensures that apparel production lines are properly balanced for target output. He coordinates with the quality manager so that defective or faulty goods are not produced. He provides job assignments to supervisors and other subordinates. He ensures that the floor, machinery, toilet, dining spaces is neat and clean. He ensures that all work stations are properly illuminated. He will arrange for continuous training of helpers and operators. He will have a pre-production sample prepared and compared with the originally approved sample. He ensures to pursue the right works, quality, and maintenance standards. He ensures that materials are organized at each stage of processing. He ensures that a congenial atmosphere exists on the floor. He makes the right evaluation of the performance of his subordinates. He arranged for proper documentation of all the activities on the floor. The production manager will make arrangements for the right line layout or machine layout.

Job Location : Kolkata

Role :

Textiles Production Manager

CTC : ₹400,000 P.A. - ₹700,000 P.A.