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HIRING FOR Asianol Biotech Pvt Ltd

Designation : Chemical Engineer

Job Description : KRA’S ( KEY  RESULT  AREAS ) Timely production/Delivery Timely  completion  of  production  targets  ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annually )  .   Quality  To  maintain  product  quality  consistently   as per  customer  requirement  .   Cost  effectiveness   To  maximize  resource  utilization  resulting  minimization of   operation  cost and  strict  control  on  inventory  levels .   Safety /  Environment . Compliance  to OSHA / Safety  standards  , Minimum  generation  of  waste .   People  Development To  Handle  shop floor  manpower  efficiently  and  develop  their  skills  and  EHS  awareness           Principal  Accountabilities                  To  implement  lean  manufacturing  principles  , manufacturing  excellence  initiatives .                   To  Monitor  equipment  efficiency  and  plant  efficiency  on  regular basis  and  setting                   goals  to improve  them  . Report  abnormality  to manager  to  mitigate  the  same .                         To  lead  and  control  day to  day  plant  activities  to  meet  production  objectives                   and  cycle  time .                     To  keep  abreast  of  inventory  level  before  commencement  of  any  batch .                    To  communicate  regularly  with  technical  centre  and planner  for  all  product  related  compliance .                     To  keep  production  and  related  area  clean  on  regular  basis   .                               To  Check  and  control  input  and  output  closely  to  have  control  over  inventory  level .                         To   keep  good  communication  with  maintenance  ,  laboratory  and  other  departments                   to  minimise  equipment  downtime  and  to  maintain  product  quality .                     To  train  shop  floor  persons  time  to  time   to  develop  skills  and  EHS  awareness .                     To  keep  proper  documentation  for  product  tracability , ISO  compliance  and  customer                   audit  compliance .                     To  keep  close  control  over  different  types  of  FG  containers  to  be used  for                    different  product  batches  .

Job Location : Kolkata

Role :

Production Management , Chemical Engineer

CTC : ₹600,000 P.A. - ₹800,000 P.A.